P-64 fits Bianchi #5 Walther .380 Holster!!

Leather to kydex, factory or custom.
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P-64 fits Bianchi #5 Walther .380 Holster!!

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I used to have a PPK/S but lost it years ago in a car fire. I never replaced it, but always thought I would and kept my favorite Bianchi holster. I am very happy to report that the Bianchi #5 Blackwidow for Walther .380 FITS my P-64!!!

All I had to do was slightly stretch and "form" the thumbstrap a bit and it's back in business! It was really just a matter of forcing the snap to close and leaving it like that. In order to help the leather stretch, I used some leather treatment to moisten it a little. WORKED GREAT!!
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Re: P-64 fits Bianchi #5 Walther .380 Holster!!

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