Polish Iron V05 grips, road testing

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Re: Polish Iron V05 grips, road testing

Post by Sirrus_Rider » January 4th, 2019, 3:49 am

I just received my Polish iron V05 grips tonight along with an enhanced magazine release. My initial impressions are that both products enhance the usability of the gun. Just to avoid future headaches I went ahead and installed the enhanced magazine release and it was here where I received the first little hiccup.
When I went to install the hammer strut back into the gun I could not get the hammer spring pin back through the hole in the magazine release. I found the hole in the magazine release for the hammer spring too tight. Luckily I found a drill bit that was just the right size and I use that chase out the hole. I was then able to reassemble the gun most of the way.
I say most the way because once I went to go put the grips on the trigger bar had popped out of its recess. Unbeknownst to me the spring that holds it in place had also popped off so initially I thought the grips were not holding the transfer bar in place; however, I then learned that no, there was a spring that held it up. I spent most the evening trying to figure out a way to reseat that spring without disassembling the gun further. Luckily, I was successful.[img][img] the other little quirk I discovered was that my grip screw was a little short. So I had to crank down a little bit more than I would've liked to get just a few thread bites. I probably could've gone without the grip screw

Once I started handling the gun with the new grip on it one of the things I noticed was it seems to enhance the point-ability of the pistol. When I go to pick the gun up it seems automatically align with the natural line of my arm and doesn't cant right or left.

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