**Handmade IWB Holsters**

Leather to kydex, factory or custom.
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Re: **Handmade IWB Holsters**

Post by Sam »

Are you still making these holsters?
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Re: **Handmade IWB Holsters**

Post by dfunk »

Hi Sam,
I haven't had the opportunity to set up my shop from our move, yet. So the short answer is no, I'm not currently making holsters. I'd like to be back up and running very soon though - I miss it!

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Re: **Handmade IWB Holsters**

Post by blackblade »

I get a lot of compliments on the IWB holster and mag carrier. Keep us informed when you are back up and running. :)
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Re: **Handmade IWB Holsters**

Post by MARIA »

It seems to have an extraordinarily comfortable fit, and I don't envision me doing anything dynamic enough to shake it free. By and by I'm back to the "paunch with handles" again.
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